The Seasons

In Spring (In the South)

In Spring (In the South)


In Summer(In the South)

In Summer


In Autumn

In Autumn

In Winter

in winter


Ave Maria

soloists  – Simone Irwin and Lauren Hollis Clark

Ave Maria Soprano I_II


Performed by the Academic Chorus of the Academy of the Sacred Heart

Mo Chuisle

A composition for my grandchildren who are the pulse of my heart


Mo Chuisle Preview

In Memoriam

A composition written for my grandpa, without whom I probably would not have survived myself.

In Memoriam

Isolation Waltz


The Wild Card Shuffle


Scottish Sketches Suite


Glencoe Preview

Storm on Sinclair Bay

Storm on Sinclair Bay Preview

Midlothian Morning

Midlothian Morning Preview

Culloden Field

Culloden Field Preview


Composed for my good friend, Denise Comeaux

Kilts Preview

Tea and Scones

Tea and Scones Preview