Linda Lorenzen

Ms. Lorenzen studied under renowned pianist, Robert Guralnik. She won the high school New York State Soloist of the Year award at 16 and was the featured soloist at Allstate Orchestra. Her undergraduate work in music was at Indiana University School of Music as well as New York State University. She has taught and performed for the last 29 years at the Schools of the Sacred Heart in Grand Coteau, Louisiana. Her repertoire includes classical and popular music. She also performs with vocalists, violinists, flautists and trumpet players from the surrounding area.


Featured Music


In Irish Gaelic, the phrase “mo chuisle” literally means “my pulse”. Shortened from “a chuisle mo chroí” or “pulse of my heart”, mo chuisle is used as a term of endearment when referring to someone who is dear to your heart. I wrote this composition for my grandchildren. They have a piece of my heart forever. For grandchildren (and grandparents). Pronunuciation: Macushla

Mo Chuisle Preview